Project final results

  • L.U.C.A. Guidelines for training


  • L.U.C.A. Best practices collection


The objective and the strategy of the project are:

-To provide the first core of the “International Network of Awakenings” composed by organizations operating in the field of rehabilitation of people awakened from a coma with acquired disability, also through multidisciplinary training aimed at families, professionals and volunteers involved.

– To understand, compare and share best practices and methodologies applied in different countries about the path of rehabilitation and reintegration into the family, social and employment context of people awakened from a coma with acquired disabilities, identifying the best ones to be transferred and shared in different regional contexts.

– To develop and share the first guidelines at European level on formal, non-formal and informal training for people awakened from a coma and with acquired disabilities, and for all the subjects who accompany them in their new life project (family members/caregivers, volunteers, professionals, citizens).

– To develop a common program of events and initiatives to raise awareness and cultural promotion to be implemented locally by each partner for promoting the first “European Day of Awakenings” dedicated to the rights of people with severe acquired cerebral injury.

From a comparison among partners will emerge the best practices of multi-disciplinary rehabilitation for post-coma people with disabilities and training experiences addressed to family members/caregivers, to experts and volunteers involved in the pathways of reintegration in home, family, social and work context.

The partnership will make the first core of a network of subjects that in Europe work in the field of severe acquired disability from brain injury.

The partners, sharing their knowledge, their best experiences and expertise, will constitute a “learning community”that aims to enhance and disseminate the work of all. In addition they will innovate the working methods and tools and will improve the quality of the results, aggregating additional partners to the network and supporting the creation and growth of new realities, in other EU countries, concerned to defend and promote the citizenship rights of people with severe disability acquired from brain injury.

Each partner will work at the local level with the institutions of reference, in collaboration with the project partnership and the European institutions, to promote the international network of Awakenings and the “European Day of Awakenings”.