The Spanish Society of Social and Health Care is a non profit organisation located in Spain. The goals of the entity are the following:

  •  the protection and defence of rights and interests of dependent people, their families and main carers;
  • to advise Public Administrations and social and health care private companies;
  • the promotion of the research and the dissemination of scientific results and knowledge in the area of social an health care; and
  • to provide quality services to companies of this sector.

SEAS is composed by researchers and professors of the University of Valencia, Spain, with high experience in R&D applied to the social and health sector. SEAS has shown the capability to develop R&D, addressing the knowledge to improve the quality of life of the elderly and disabled and developing research to design training programmes to support formal and informal caregivers in long-term care processes.

Apart from LUCA, SEAS has participated in other cooperative projects funded under the former Progress and 6th Framework Programmes of the European Commission andis part of European networks focused on the protection and promotion of ageing, disabled and other vulnerable groups’ rights, such as participates on the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing.


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